New Software Fights Small Business Fraud

Peachtree Accounting Vs. Quicken Accounting for Small Business

Due to the lack of resources necessary to effectively protect themselves, small businesses lose nearly $630 billion to fraud each year and are almost twice as likely to experience internal fraud as larger organizations. To help protect small businesses against occupational fraud, Certified Fraud Examiner Julie A. Aydlott created the Vitalics Internal Control Application, a new desktop software specifically designed for small business fraud prevention. Compared with large publicly held companies, there are no standards like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that govern internal controls and certify financial accuracy for small businesses. At the same time, small business owners do not have the budget or resources to develop and implement their own auditing and fraud prevention systems. Furthermore, despite the need for protection, there are very limited tools available to small businesses to counter fraudulent activities. [How Companies of All Sizes Can Prevent Fraud] Instead of putting a business at risk, the Vitalics Internal Control Application provides an affordable way to help avoid costly mistakes and fight employee theft. Using Vitalics, small businesses can review financial records, implement bookkeeping controls and provide fraud education to their staff. Independent of your internal accounting software, the Vitalics desktop application includes more than 120 control forms and customizable checklists to audit a range of accounting areas, such as fixed assets, cash, payroll, purchasing and inventory, financial reporting, reconciliation and risk assessment. Small business owners can purchase a CD of the Vitalics Internal Control Application for $269 or download the electronic version for $249. Audit forms are also available as separate packages to fit individual business needs. All registered users will receive a lifetime of new and updated forms at no additional cost. Follow Sara Angeles on Twitter @sara_angeles or Google+.
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First Look: Small Business Accounting Apps

With QuickBooks' depth comes several layers of complexity, not to mention an accompanying hefty price. Fortunately, there are several alternatives available for those that need just the basicsand best of all, these QuickBooks Premier Edition 2011 alternatives won't cost you a cent. FreshBooks (Free, 4.5 stars) is easily the best of the free small business applications we've tested. Zoho Invoice (Free, 4 stars), a member of the Zoho software family, is also a very solid selection with its well-designed interface, many import options, and custom fields. Outright (Free. 3.5 stars), like Zoho Invoice, has an intuitive interface, but builds upon that by giving users the ability to download credit card transactions. At the back of the pack are Billing Boss (Free, 2.5 stars), Intuit Billing Manager (Free, 3 stars), and Wave Accounting (Free, 2 stars). These applications may not have scored the highest marks in our in-depth reviews, but they can prove valuable to the small business owner who wants to handle the accounting basics on the cheap. If you're looking for small business accounting software that's simpler and cheaper than QuickBooks Premier Edition 2011, check out the links below for in-depth reviews of six free alternatives that can save you cash and keep you from spending the majority of your day face-down in an instrument manual. And don't forget to check out our roundup of the best small business accounting software . Starting at $79 first month, $39/month thereafter QuickBooks Premier Edition 2011 and its more junior versions offers a superior blend of accounting tools, usability, and integration, but its size, and price, may prove overwhelming.
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Cyber Security, Cyber Threat, Cyber Crime, hacking, hackers Meanwhile, Best's Simply Accounting heads upstream, adding to its lineup of Basic and Pro versions a new high-end Premium edition that handles multicompany financial consolidations plus industry-specific features, including specialized terminology. QuickBooks' New Navigator I looked at shipping versions of all three QuickBooks 2005 products: the $200 Basic, $300 Pro, and $500 Premier. Among the most notable changes in all three is the redesigned Report Navigator, which continues QuickBook's focus on ease of use. The software now groups its numerous reports more logically, which makes finding the one you want simpler. The new versions also make it easier to apply customer payments to the correct invoice, whether you are paid by check or you download credit-card charge details from an online account at a financial institution. Some improvements are available only in the advanced editions of QuickBooks. In the Pro and Premier editions, you can transfer invoice data to Microsoft Word and add a personal comment, if you wish, before printing out the bill. It's a nice addition, but not as slick as the two-way Word transfer I saw in the free beta version of the upcoming Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting . (Note: The final version of Microsoft's product won't ship until late 2005.) This year Intuit includes all of its industry-specific versions of QuickBooks Premier on one CD, which also provides the generic setup. Just select the industry you want at installation: contractor, manufacturer, nonprofit, professional services, retail, or accounting. The package contains added financial analysis and business planning capabilities, as well. While all three versions of QuickBooks offer a handful of new features, the major improvement is that each is easier to learn how to use.
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50 Online Invoicing Apps for Small Businesses

This might be ideal if you are the only employee at your business, but if you have other employees, you probably don't want them logging in to the program and viewing your personal finances. You can track business expenses, display a profit and loss statement and create invoices to send to customers with this software. Quicken Home & Business also helps you create a Schedule C when it is time to file your taxes; however, you cannot use this software to generate a corporate tax return. Purchasing Sage 50 offers five versions that work with a single user up to 40 users. The price of the software varies with each version and depends on the number of users and the features in the version you want to purchase. Quicken Home & Business is only available for a single user and at one fixed price. Technical Support Quicken and Sage 50 include free technical support. Quicken support is available by phone, email and live chat.
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The Best Free Small Business Accounting Software

It is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Peachtree, and QuickBooks and automates accounts receivable and accounts payable processes for vendors and for customers. There was no pricing information available. Freelance Total is now called Billing Click. Online invoicing meets project management with this app (it is an additional cost to add the PM module to the invoicing module). Their web-based software allows you to take a client-centric approach to invoices as you manage the project. Plans start at a limited forever free plan and then starts at $19/month. Freshbooks is considered by many to be the market leader in Web-based online invoicing. It offers the standard features youd expect, plus time tracking and the ability to manage subcontractors who are also working on your project. They integrate with other accounting and project management systems such as QuickBooks and Basecamp. They offer a fully free plan (some limitations) then plans start at $19.95/month. I have personally used Freshbooks and have found their service was elegant and easy to use.
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