Small Business Guide To Online Billing Software; online billing software How do you choose the right solution for your small business? "Choosing an invoicing solution purely depends on the users business requirements," explained Zohos Vegesna. "If you send out invoices in multiple currencies, it is important to pick a system that supports multiple currencies." Similarly, if you regularly send invoices to the same client or clients, its important to choose a solution that supports recurring invoices. And if your customers prefer to make payments online (for example via PayPal or Google Checkout), or they prefer to receive printed invoices (via the mail), choose an online invoicing application that supports those options, he said. Other questions to ask or think about when choosing an online invoicing solution include: How long has the vendor been in business -- and has it received favorable reviews? Before choosing an online invoicing service, read what others have to say (by doing a Google search or checking out online forums). Ask fellow small business owners which service they use and if they are happy with it. Has the vendor had problems with security and/or data loss or service outage? Dont be afraid to ask the vendor about security and outages -- and check with other users if they have experienced any outages or loss of data. Does the service support online payments -- and which online gateways does it integrate with? While most online invoicing solutions integrate with PayPal, if your clients use or prefer another payment gateway, make sure the online invoicing solution you choose can support it.
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27 Free Invoicing Tools for Businesses on a Budget

To help protect small businesses against occupational fraud, Certified Fraud Examiner Julie A. Aydlott created the Vitalics Internal Control Application, a new desktop software specifically designed for small business fraud prevention. Compared with large publicly held companies, there are no standards like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that govern internal controls and certify financial accuracy for small businesses. At the same time, small business owners do not have the budget or resources to develop and implement their own auditing and fraud prevention systems. Furthermore, despite the need for protection, there are very limited tools available to small businesses to counter fraudulent activities. [How Companies of All Sizes Can Prevent Fraud] Instead of putting a business at risk, the Vitalics Internal Control Application provides an affordable way to help avoid costly mistakes and fight employee theft. Using Vitalics, small businesses can review financial records, implement bookkeeping controls and provide fraud education to their staff. Independent of your internal accounting software, the Vitalics desktop application includes more than 120 control forms and customizable checklists to audit a range of accounting areas, such as fixed assets, cash, payroll, purchasing and inventory, financial reporting, reconciliation and risk assessment. Small business owners can purchase a CD of the Vitalics Internal Control Application for $269 or download the electronic version for $249. Audit forms are also available as separate packages to fit individual business needs. All registered users will receive a lifetime of new and updated forms at no additional cost.
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New Software Fights Small Business Fraud

Cyber Security, Cyber Threat, Cyber Crime, hacking, hackers 2. Make Some Time Make Some Time was built for you to create instant invoices with minimal fuss. The beautifully designed interface and dashboard make it easy to use and organize clients, projects and tasks. You can generate detailed reports and integrate third party sites for example, you can import projects from Basecamp . An API is also available, which can be be used to extend the capabilities of Make Some Time. 3. Nutcache Nutcache is a simple invoicing and time-tracking tool that's easy to learn and fun to use. It allows you to invoice clients, track time and run your small business in the cloud. You can create an unlimited number of invoices, items, clients and taxes, and estimates, all with your own branding. It's straightforward to convert an estimate into an invoice, and Nutcache includes the option to send your invoice in other formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, RTF, PowerPoint and CSV. Image: Invoice Machine Invoice Machine aims to produce beautiful, professional invoices simply, with the ability to set options such as currency, taxes, shipping, discounts, language, notes and more. Using the dashboard, you can see which invoices have been sent, paid or are due, and filter them by period, client or status.
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The Best Accounting Software

Find out which one of the latest accounting software packages is the best for your business. Email Print OB Roundup Small businesses seeking to ditch the notepads and sticky notes, or to replace aging accounting software, have a number of solid selections to choice in the current crop of money-counting applications. The latest feature-rich accounting software packages let businesses create detailed reports, view purchase histories, track monies owed, and myriad tasks essential to keeping a business profitable. Besides providing many options to handle business operations, outstanding accounting software also delivers an intuitive, well designed interface. You want to dig right into the important numbers, not wrestle with the UI. Quickbooks Premiere Edition 2010 deftly balanced all of the most important aspects of accounting and emerged as the Editors' Choice winner in the desktop space, besting AccountEdge and Peachtree 2010. In the Web space, QuickBooks Online is the clear all-around accounting choice. Freshbooks and Outright offer good service in smaller business niches. If you're in the market for accounting software, you won't go wrong with any of these selectionsjust make sure you choose the one best suited to your needs. Desktop Accounting and Tax Software
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Small Business Guide to Online Billing Software - Page 2; online billing software Costs: To compare costs, visit TopTenREVIEWS' best accounting software comparisons . ***************************** #2 QuickBooks Pro 2011 QuickBooks Pro 2011 took home this year's TopTenREVIEW's Silver award for its ability to help users bill clients, manage inventory, track employee hours and create professional invoices and estimates through one simple-to-use interface. New features in this latest version of the software include the ability to send email through webmail services such as Yahoo! or Gmail instead of just through Outlook, and a new customer snapshot function that gives users an overview of a their activities, including their most-purchased item, payments received and balances. In addition, the new Collection Center can quickly show overdue accounts and batch-email late statements with a copy of the applicable invoice. Ease of Use: From installation to reporting, the software is one of the easiest to use. Itcomes with a tool to import past data and has an auto-fill function that helps users create invoices, pay vendors and manage employees easily. Help and Support: The software comes with help files and access to online support offered by Intuit. The basic email support, such as help with registration, passwords and download issues, is free of charge. For telephone support, two service plans are available: a month-by-month plan and an annual support plan. The plans include 100 GBs of online data backup and data recovery. New users are also eligible for one hour of free support time.
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50 Online Invoicing Apps for Small Businesses

Enliven Software is for the larger small businesses out there. It is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Peachtree, and QuickBooks and automates accounts receivable and accounts payable processes for vendors and for customers. There was no pricing information available. Freelance Total is now called Billing Click. Online invoicing meets project management with this app (it is an additional cost to add the PM module to the invoicing module). Their web-based software allows you to take a client-centric approach to invoices as you manage the project. Plans start at a limited forever free plan and then starts at $19/month. Freshbooks is considered by many to be the market leader in Web-based online invoicing. It offers the standard features youd expect, plus time tracking and the ability to manage subcontractors who are also working on your project. They integrate with other accounting and project management systems such as QuickBooks and Basecamp. They offer a fully free plan (some limitations) then plans start at $19.95/month. I have personally used Freshbooks and have found their service was elegant and easy to use. They have thought (for a long time) about their customers needs.
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The Best Small Business Accounting Software

"Evaluate it like any business decision," said John Coates, the marketing communications Lead for FreshBooks . "How does the new solution compare to your current solution for invoicing? If it saves you more hours in billable time than the monthly subscription, its worth it." Evaluating Three of the Most Popular Online Invoicing Solutions While there are dozens of free or low-cost online invoicing solutions currently available, three of the most popular and reliable choices among small business owners are FreshBooks, Harvest and Zoho Invoice. All three services were specifically designed for small business use and they all share the following features: 30-day free trials (and/or 30-day money back guarantees) Create, track and manage invoices from a Web-connected computer or smartphone SSL encryption and a high level of data security and backup Some form of customer support What are the main differences between the three services? Price, interface, some features -- and personal taste. Heres what three small business customers had to say about the three billing services. Also, be sure to ask business owners you know and trust what online invoicing service they use -- and do a 30-day free trial. FreshBooks prides itself on being incredibly easy (and intuitive) to use and for providing "stellar customer support." Unlike some other free or low-cost invoicing services, "FreshBooks picks up the phone," boasted Coates. Other noteworthy features: Easy time tracking Ability to see the entire invoice trail, including when a client has viewed and paid it PayPal integration Set-it-and-forget-it email late payment reminders Streamlined reporting (profit & loss, income taxes, sales taxes) Ability to collaborate with staff and contractors Dozens of helpful add-ons For Larissa Schwartz, a digital strategy and user-experience consultant who works with small and mid-sized businesses, using FreshBooks has been a huge plus. "I initially chose FreshBooks because it was free for a limited number of clients/projects," she explained. "I stayed with it because it is easy to use, continues to add new features and is responsive to customers." Schwartz found FreshBooks time-tracking feature efficient and easy, allowing her to create an invoice in seconds. Tracking revenue is also easy. "You can see where your total revenue is at a glance or drill down by client or project." And she likes that FreshBooks lets you accept payments online.
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