How To Breath Life Into Your Stale Erp System

In this level, an entire end to end business process, one that may expand throughout an ecosystem, becomes fully automated. Its worrying that so many CIOs accept the status quo when it comes to managing critical processes and data within their organization, said Vuyk. With the exponential increase in the amount of data they work with and so many enterprise applications to coordinate, its in their best interest to ensure that everything they do is as efficient and connected as possible. Automating complex business processes like financial close, supply chain management, or business intelligence (BI) activities eliminates traditional barriers to reliability and scalability. With end-to-end process automation, any company can make the best of its enterprise applications, connecting process steps across technologies, platforms and business silos. This enables greater IT alignment with the entire business strategy What is interesting to me is that Vuyks maturity model is a way that CIOs can breathe life into enterprise applications. Of course, Redwoods products arent the only way to get this done. The reason that this sort of business process automation can be done at all is due to the massive number of APIs that are exposed by the vendors that essentially turn each application into a platform.
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Change Control Software targets SAP-based IT systems.

The extended change and transport control capabilities of Rev-Trac 6.0 demonstrate RSC's commitment to continual product development, product quality and reduction of operational costs for owners of SAP solution-based systems. This commitment has made Rev-Trac the premium change and request management technology available today, in use by many of the largest SAP customers to facilitate projects and lower total cost of ownership as their IT systems evolve to meet the needs of rapidly changing markets. Today's announcement was made at SAP TechEd 2009 Phoenix, SAP's largest ecosystem education event of the year being held this week, where RSC is exhibiting in booth #612. More information on Revelation Software Concepts and its flagship Rev-Trac 6.0 change control technology can be found at /. About Revelation Software Concepts Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Revelation Software Concepts (RSC), change control specialist, has earned the trust of some of the world's largest corporations since 1997 with its change control technology, Rev-Trac, for use with SAP solutions. RSC's business strategy is 100% focused on reducing the risks and lowering the costs associated with managing changes to SAP solutions. The ongoing evolution and extension of Rev-Trac as a web-enabled application and the extension of change control to include support for non-ABAP SAP technologies demonstrate the company's commitment to creating solutions that are technologically superior, simple to use and achieve their objectives for customers. Revelation Software Concepts is an SAP software partner.
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Oracle falls below IBM and SAP in CPM systems matrix

Nearly all businesses 96 percent warned that they faced financial risks if their SAP systems experienced performance problems. Over half said there was a high risk of such an event causing damage. In general, most companies are unhappy with their ERP environments, said Ray Wang, chief executive at Constellation Research Group. Slow performance, rigidity of user experience, and high cost to manage often lead the list of complaints. The age of the system would likely make a big difference, he said, particularly with "the agility to make changes". Anecdotally, I hear lots of people of complaining about their ERP systems, agreed Georgie Lawrie, VP at analyst house Forrester. Its certainly an issue for them. But Lawrie said the other infrastructure in place, including databases and other key software, could have a major impact on performance. Its easy to blame the ERP vendor, he said. SAP offered its own performance tuning service, called MaxAttention, he noted.
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Internet-facing SAP systems suffering increased attacks

As new business intelligence ( BI ), tax, disclosure and strategy management capabilities become enmeshed in CPM and bring its purpose closer to the term's true meaning, Park advised buyers to approach CPM system purchases with an eye toward differentiating features and ease of use. BI and cloud rising in importance for CPM Because CPM systems were built for finance users, its capabilities have typically been relegated to core finance functions such as budgeting, planning and forecasting , financial reporting and consolidation , and cost management. However, Park said business leaders have been requesting more visibility into financials over the past few years, so many CPM vendors have added BI capabilities -- a trend that he predicts will accelerate over time. "There's been increased end-user demand for overall performance management ability -- [for] corporate performance as a phrase to be defined correctly rather than talking about it simply from a financial perspective," Park said. "So it's not just [about] understanding finance, but also head count, revenue [and] the various contributions that each product or effort provides to company performance. Because of that, companies now need to be able to see the numbers more easily, so we're seeing a trend of BI coming into traditional CPM." The impact that cloud-based technology is having on the CPM systems market is reflected by Software as a Service ( SaaS ) vendor Adaptive Planning's placement in the leader's quadrant. While Park said he was surprised by this positioning for a native cloud vendor, he explained that the matrix methodology factored in ease of use as well as ease of deployment, which boosted Adaptive Planning's overall score. He also said the vendor's acquisition of BI vendor myDials in 2012 has enhanced the platform's reporting and analytics . "Adaptive Planning is still a relatively small company, [and] in terms of pure market share they have a long way to go before they approach IBM, SAP and Oracle," Park said. "But as a url solution that competes in the enterprise space and is proven to scale to thousands of users, I think we're going to increasingly see it and [other] cloud-based solutions come in, especially for core planning, but also for larger CPM projects." In terms of finance executives' level of comfort about putting financial information in the cloud, Park said some of his interview subjects -- typically from small and midmarket organizations -- were embracing cloud-based financials, but others remained staunchly opposed .
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Accenture and SAP exploit HANA to deliver simpler data processing contracts

"You need to do your HR and financials with SAP, so [if it is hacked] it is kind of the end of the business," Polyakov said at a presentation at RSA Conference Asia Pacific 2013, attended by SC Magazine's Darren Pauli . "If someone gets access to the SAP, they can steal HR data, financial data, or corporate secrets ... or get access to a SCADA system." Vulnerabilities in SAP software, combined with the value of the data SAP systems utilize, have yielded increased attention from security researchers, per Polyakov: Nearly 60 percent of vulnerabilities found in 2013 were turned up by outsiders. The fact that SAP users are willing to open up interface to the Internet, whether for remote employees, connecting to remote offices, or remote management, increases the risks. In his research, Polyakov found more than 4,000 servers hosting publicly facing SAP applications, 700 through Google and 3,471 via Shodan. He found that 35 percent of exposed SAP systems were running NetWeaver version 7 EHP 0, which hasn't been updated since November 2005. Another 23 percent of the SAP code he found was last updated in April 2010; 19 percent of the installations hadn't been patched since October 2008. Polyakov found a comparable percentage of instances of SAP NetWeaver J2EE containing security holes through which attackers can create user accounts, assign roles, execute commands, and wreak other forms of havoc. He also determined that one in 40 organizations was vulnerable to remote exploits via SAP Management Console, while one in 120 organizations was susceptible via vulnerable HostControl, which allows for command injection. One in 20 organizations had a version of the SAP Dispatcher service for client-server communications containing default accounts that could be used to fully compromise SAP systems. The researcher said the top five vulnerabilities for 2012 were as follows: SAP NetWeaver DilbertMsg servlet SSRF , which enables an attacker to access any files located in the SAP server file system SAP HostControl command injection , which allows for full code execution as the SAP administrator from an unauthenticated perspective SAP J2EE file read/write , through which a remote, unauthenticated attacker could compromise a system by exploiting an arbitrary file access vulnerability in the SAP J2EE Core Services SAP Message Server buffer overflow , which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable installations of SAP NetWeaver ABAP without authentication SAP DIAG buffer overflow , with which an unauthenticated, remote attacker can execute arbitrary code to launch a denial of service attack Also part of his findings: One in three organizations had SAP routers publically available by a default port. Of the 5,000 exposed routers, 15 percent lacked ACLs (access control lists), 19 percent suffered information-disclosure holes which enable denial of service attacks, and five percent were improperly configured, allowing attackers to bypass authentication.
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Half of SAP users 'dissatisfied' with system performance

Often things are developed at high level with limited/little engagement with those who work at the coalface. A strange take on corporate working. When I submitted questions re SAP, part of the response from T&R was that many of the problems were due to the unwillingness of staff to embrace change and learn new ways of operating. However, the findings of a recent report do not wholly tally with that answer, stating that a good deal of the problems were in fact of a technical nature and due to a lack of preparedness. This is the reason why deputies have a duty to scrutinise thoroughly (at report stage and onwards) initiatives like SAMP, even though it is a project that in principle seems to have merit. August 30, 2013 at 2:45 pm Islander: I presume youre being facetious? Normally the reduction of staff numbers and staff costs is the big carrot dangled in front of any decision making board when trying to get this type of expensive system approved. The reality is this is nearly never the case, and I speak from a lot of experience. For example take HSSDs relatively new Electronic Health and Social Care Record system (EHSCR).
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Commerce board considered removing Dairy from SAP system

Commerce board considered removing Dairy from SAP system Marketing professionals are bullish about new technologies and won't let IT slow them down - CIOs must navigate this transition carefully or risk losing status within the organisation >> Check out our latest articles about BlackBerry's new mobile OS BlackBerry 10 . Outsourcer and consulting firm Accenture and SAP are expanding their global alliance by providing clients with end-to-end business systems running on the SAP HANA data processing platform. The first new offering from the partners is the Marketing Performance Solution, which is sold by Accenture and which enables chief marketing officers (CMOs) to easily view and act on centralised key marketing performance data, such as sales figures, media spend and social reach "in near real-time", said Accenture. Mark Willford, Accenture senior managing director for technology ecosystems, said: Our new solutions are expected to provide ultimate flexibility for enterprises. They will have access to leading industry applications running on SAP HANA with all software and hardware components under a single contract. HP introduces SAP HANA based cloud service "We believe this is a unique offering in the SAP ecosystem that answers our clients growing demand for simplification. The Marketing Performance Solution exploits analytics technology from both SAP HANA and Accenture. CMOs and marketing teams can access data from multiple internal and external sources, and quickly respond to shifting market demand and manage the ROI of marketing spend. Tracking results of marketing campaigns, running simulations and promotions and making adjustments is enabled through a web-based user interface accessible from PCs and mobile devices. Subscribe to Newsletters Robert Enslin, SAP president of global customer operations, said: This new level of collaboration is designed to offer unique solution packages and simplify the contract process so our joint clients can get up and running even faster." The new CMO solution will initially be targeted at CMOs of retail and consumer packaged goods companies, who must address the complexity of changing consumer preferences, channel proliferation, and fragmented agency relationships. Accenture plans to launch additional functional solutions for other vertical industries. Hosting services are also planned to be included in all end-to-end systems offered by Accenture and SAP, with a private or public cloud deployment option supported by global hosting and infrastructure providers. Related fees will fall under a single contract structure with Accenture to help simplify contract management for clients, compared to handling multiple suppliers and contracts.
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