How To Choose The Right Small Business Billing Software

IaaS business scales faster with Zuora billing software

Ensure your billing software can calculate information on sales based on date, salesperson and customer type. If you operate a B2B business, another key performance indicator may be dispatch totals, based on date, and employee. But one important thing to remember about software you can only get out what you put in. So if you are looking for a specific report, make sure that information is being recorded by your billing software package. 7) Backup Ive seen first-hand how devastating a hardware failure can be. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of data can be destroyed in seconds if you do not have a backup procedure in place. Ensure you select a billing software package that has a built-in backup utility or works with your current backup system. 8) Online help & support If youre a new computer user, then youll definitely need a software package that has a comprehensive online and easy-to-use help system.
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Join for Access to Our Exclusive Web Tools More on accounts payable technology Find out why mobile accounts payable software could create security risks "As long as this company can, we're going to focus on getting specialists for different aspects of our business process. We can have a specialist focus on what they're good at rather than getting a one-size-fits-all solution that's probably mediocre at a lot of things," he said. "It's a smart strategy from a buyer perspective, [because] if all my eggs are in NetSuite's -- or another vendor's -- basket, then inherently I'm going to have less negotiating power." Chynoweth said he was pleased with Zuora's application programming interfaces , which allow it to connect with Dyn's other systems, in light of this "best of breed" buying philosophy. Although Stakenas called Zuora a "niche-y" product, he agreed that ERP or customer relationship management ( CRM ) offerings might not be the best choice today for SaaS-style billing. "It's not that they couldn't -- they could build it," he said. "[But] normal CRM and ERP companies don't [currently] do it." But to Chynoweth, Zuora's niche quality is an attribute. "Zuora's passionate about providing a billing engine. To me, that means they're going to enhance their platform faster rather than someone that's [offering a] broader suite of services," he said.
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Zuora Raises $50 Million for Cloud-Based Subscription Billing

Chief Executive Tien Tzuo , one of Zuora s three founders, was employee No. 11 at Inc , the company that pioneered selling software as a service rather than as disks that had to be installed. Mr. Tzuo said he struggled with trying to make older enterprise resource planning [ERP] systems from companies like Oracle Corp . and SAP AG work in the subscription economy being created by ERP systems are great for warehousing and tracking factories and managing fleets and retail stores where raw materials are goingbut they dont support new business models, Mr. Tzuo said. When companies sell services, pricing explodes, and you want different ways of pricing for different customer segmentscasual users, heavy users, business users and so on, he said. Mr. Tzuo decided he had to build his own software and founded Zuora , which he left to run in 2008. The company provides cloud-based services including subscription pricing, quoting, orders, billing, payments and renewals, for companies that offer subscriptions. At first, Mr.
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Billing Bridge Software Starts Claims at Patient’s Side

announced the release of Billing Bridge, the Web-based solution for EMS billing and claim reimbursement. ImageTrend worked closely with Allina Health Emergency Medical Services to deliver a product that could meet the demands of a high volume of claims and reduce the time needed to process each claim. The software is completely new, developed from the ground up for a superior user experience. According to Lynn Spears, Business Analyst at Allina Health Emergency Medical Services, Billing Bridge is a user friendly system with many features that out performs other ambulance billing systems. Claim submissions are cleaner than ever preventing claim rejections and extra back end work. The robust reporting system exceeds the needs for all departments and financial reporting. Spears continued, From an administrator viewpoint, the set-up of the system is much less work than other billing systems. Billing Bridge addresses some of the shortcomings of older, more traditional medical billing and claims software. Because it is Web-based, Billing Bridge does not require installation on a clients computer and does not have limitations on the number of users. It can be accessed simultaneously from multiple locations, making it perfect for large services with multiple locations. ImageTrend designed this to support organizations such as Allina Health Emergency Medical Services, which is a large, hospital-based 911 ambulance service that also provides wheelchair services. One of the key features for existing ImageTrend Service Bridge users who do self-billing is the unique integration that enables automatic medical billing encoding for certain services and two-way communication between the medical billing personnel and care providers.
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HealthPac's Medical Billing Software Increases Revenue and Saves Time

Often a very Cost effective replacement to outsourced billing. With it's ease of use and simple processes, an in house-billing department now becomes very cost effective and is a great way to increase revenue and profits. Many city and county agencies are saving valuable budget dollars with in-house billing. The new system features include everything that existed before, but has been completely rewritten in the most advanced technology available today. The Ambulance Billing Software features HIPAA Compliance, superior audits and cross checks, Electronic Claims Submission, comprehensive reporting, and collections. Based upon the finance industry's GAAP principles and Industry standards for Ambulance Billing, JefBar's Ambulance Billing Software provides you accurate and timely billing and collections. Our Ambulance Billing Software is the industry leader for electronic claims submission (ECS), so claims are submitted quickly and accurately. Reporting is simply too easy to use and it is amazingly flexible, what every reporting tool should be like. No one provides an easier to use system, easier to train new employees with and Jefbar provides a way to save time and money. In addition it has user defined screens and fields for as much reporting and data collection as you desire. All screens allow sorting, searching and limiting of data at the click of the mouse. Security is programmed to provide screen and field level security for any user. Each field can be defined for a user as hide, display only or full access.
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Ambulance Billing and Collections by JefBar

Ingenix's and ROES' e-billing solution will enable workers' compensation health care providers and payers to comply with initiatives from the states of Texas and California mandating electronic transmission of medical bills and other related documents beginning in early 2008. Payers in Texas and California are already required to send First and Subsequent Reports of Injury and adjusted medical bills electronically to those states' workers' compensation commissions. "Ingenix offers a dedicated staff of regulatory compliance experts to help our clients understand, interpret and comply with all state mandate requirements as they are issued," said Ostler. Workers' compensation industry stakeholders can also take advantage of Ingenix electronic funds transfer (EFT) and bill payment capabilities from Exante Bank, further lowering costs and making the offering a truly integrated end-to-end solution from data submission to payment. The state of Ohio's Bureau of Workers' Compensation estimates the cost of processing a payment by check at $2.50 per transaction, versus 4.5 cents per electronic funds transfer. "Ingenix and ROES offer the comprehensive solution to EDI connectivity and e-billing compliance, as well as efficient claim processing and electronic payment," said Ostler. "We provide the tools to help workers' compensation stakeholders expedite their operations with confidence and control administrative expenses." About Ingenix Ingenix, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH), transforms organizations and improves health care through information and technology. Organizations rely on its innovative products, services and consulting to improve the delivery and operations of their business. More information about Ingenix can be obtained at . About Red Oak E-Commerce Solutions, Inc. Red Oak E-Commerce Solutions' goal is to provide superior electronic data interchange (EDI) products, services and customer support to claim administrators, their vendors and state jurisdictions.
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E-Billing Software targets workers' compensation industry.

The software is customizable in order to make sure it fits the needs of every business. Ambulance Billing Software Ambulance Billing Software is great for any ambulance company. As an ambulance company, accuracy and automation is extremely important when it comes to increasing collections. HealthPac has created Ambulance billing software just for ambulance companies. The software not only automates the clerical side of the company, but also the management side. With the software, workers can now produce up to three times more than they usually would. Physician Billing Software Physician Billing Software is great for physicians. Physicians know how important accurate billing is in their medical practice. HealthPac has been working with physician and billing personnel for over 28 years. With the physician billing software, physicians can increase their collections. Medical Billing Software The Medical Billing Software created by HealthPac Computer Systems, Inc. was developed for those working in the medical industries.
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